I have worked on several different types of films throughout my educational and professional careers. I studied film for over seven years. I am currently focusing on animation and it is a skill I hope to improve as time goes by. I attempt to bring a theme or feel to each of my films which helps distinguish the others of it's genre or topic but also I feel it is a key aspect to truly understanding a film and without a theme to follow or aim for the film feels forced or hollow.

I studied at Bridgwater and Taunton College for my foundation Degree and then at Plymouth University for my Degree in arts, during this time I have honed my skills in project development.

Colour is a main definer in my work and I use colour very liberally to create the different moods and themes for each of my projects. Whilst it is not the only defining factor of my film I find it key in visual storytelling, even creating whole subtexts. 

I have a major passion for film, culture and history which I tie together into as many of my projects as often as I can be it a documentary or narrative based film and it's these passions that help me inject feeling into my films and give them deeper meaning.