Beowulf is an adaptation of the classic old English tale made in a stop motion animation. This struck me as an interesting concept for this tale as it lived for so long as a spoken story being passed down for hundreds of years, now being adapted into a purely visual medium. 


The Drengskapt Hird Documentary, here I made a six-minute documentary about the re-enactment group Drengskapt Hird, a dark age or Viking re-enactment group based in Plymouth.


Ideal Green was in many ways an experimental piece for me. My aim for this film was to tell a narrative through visuals as well as creating a sub context.

The final film is about the journey of Blue and how he is manipulated by Red to do his bidding. 

Outstanding was focused around the lack of interaction and passion shown by students leading to not doing their work on time and having some work...outstanding.